Support the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust

Every day we work with individuals and businesses who want to make a positive difference and help us leave a valuable legacy for future generations. Your generous support helps us to continue to add new easements on a yearly basis, as well as monitor the easements we currently hold.  It allows us to maintain a professional staff and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. It also helps us conduct the planning, public information, government liaison, and other upfront work that leads to the conservation of significant tracts of land.

Whether you are a landowner, a donor or simply believe in our mission, here’s how you can lend your support to the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust:

ENGAGE: Start a conversation with your friends and colleagues about conservation and the efforts of the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust. Attend our events and educational opportunities. Follow us on Social Media–commenting and sharing our content as you see fit.

DONATE: Both monetary donations and in-kind sponsorships and support allow us to conserve and protect more land and expand our outreach to the general public.

CONSERVE: Make a donation of property through a voluntary conservation easement on your land–whether a thriving forest or working farm–makes an important contribution to preserving this legacy for future generations.

PLAN: Make a charitable gift part of your retirement or estate plan. A planned gift is a wonderful way to support the legacy of conservation and ongoing protection of conserved land. Donor advised funds are great vehicles for providing ongoing support for non-profit organizations like the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust.

Please contact our Development Director, Lorrie Stafford with any questions regarding support for our organization.

Thank you.