Fund A Conservation Need

Our Fund A Conservation Need program allows supporters to sponsor a specific item or service directly related to our ongoing conservation efforts. Our wish list below has tools that our land stewards use every day in the field.
For other ways to support us through end-of-year giving, please click on the Donate Now button, visit Support Us or contact Lorrie Stafford.


The use of drones is crucial in helping us efficiently evaluate and monitor acres of land that lie in difficult or sensitive terrains.

Drone flyovers help us cover more ground in less time than walking or driving.

$1500 /ea

Our wish list: 5 Drones

or Contribute in increments of $100


A key tool for our Land Stewards in the field!

650t 3-inch Handheld GPS with US Topographic Maps

$300 /ea

Our Wishlist: 3 Units

or Contribute in increments of $100

Fund A Need

Nikon 7570 PROSTAFF 5  8X42 Binoculars

Help us Spot Threatened and Endangered Species in Their Native Wildlife Habitats

$175 /ea

Our Wishlist: 6 Units

or contribute in increments of $25

Longleaf pines, which once covered an estimated 90 million acres, now cover less than 3 percent of their original range. More than 30 endangered and threatened species rely on longleaf pines for their habitat. These conifers can withstand severe windstorms, resist pests, tolerate wildfires and drought, and capture carbon pollution from the atmosphere. You can help sponsor the regrowth of this habitat!

Help us plant Longleaf Pine in Long County, GA

GOAL 50 Acres $5,000 or Contribute in Half-Acre or Acre increments

$50/ One Half Acre (250 seedlings)

$100/ Acre (500 seedlings)